Chaffey Community College District Mixed-Use Buildings at Chino and Fontana Campuses

Chino and Fontana, CA

Chaffey Community College District
5,200 sq. ft. (Chino Campus) | 5,200 sq. ft. (Fontana Campus)

SVA is working closely with the Chaffey Community College District to deliver a mixed-use complex at each of the college’s satellite campuses in Chino and Fontana. The designs feature a combination of indoor and outdoor space for students, staff, and faculty, with study/dining lounge areas, a campus store, café, supplemental instruction rooms, and space for campus security. The project emphasizes sustainability, economy, and cohesion, while offering design innovation and complementing the existing campus architecture. The client chose to develop this project by utilizing recycled shipping containers for purposes of sustainability, economy, and the unique aesthetic. These mixed-use complexes will upgrade vital places to study, socialize, and dine as similar spaces are currently very limited.