Comm 22 / Bronze Triangle

San Diego, CA

BRIDGE Housing
252 units | 175,000 sq. ft.

Comm 22 is a mixed-use, transit-oriented development that offers 252 affordable family apartments and senior housing options. The project meets the unique social, economic and physical needs of the community with the inclusion of market-rate lofts, for-sale homes, postal and bank services, a health clinic, daycare facility, and approximately 19,000 sq. ft. of commercial retail space. The project provides a more commuter friendly environment that reduces the number of cars on the road and promotes use of public transportation. Courtyards, pocket parks, and landscaped open spaces energize a more festive gathering place for families and children to interact together. Unique roof forms also provide solar sustainability while creating new building typology forms that reinterpret the historic character of this former warehouse district.