CSU Fullerton New Student Housing Study

Fullerton, CA

California State University, Fullerton
1,104 beds

This study focused on the addition of a four-story housing complex that complements the existing housing in scale and character. The entire plaza is lined with ground floor public spaces that represent the active, public nature of the space and separates the housing comfortably for better privacy. One edge of the plaza is anchored by the student dining facility and mediates between the housing district and the main campus. Buildings are configured to create outdoor courtyard gardens, individually themed as living-learning extensions of the Fullerton Arboretum, where students can learn, study, interact or just take a break.  Three key pedestrian elements, the main walk-street, the paseo and the promenade, all move throughout the site in an elegant network of pathways converging on the central plaza, while a grand plaza tower serves as an iconic memory point for the entire housing district.