Harbor Walk

Oakland, CA

Signature Properties
81 units | xx sq. ft.

This development consists of 67 stacked flats and 14 stacked townhomes, on top of a large 100-car single level garage that is partially underground and all accessed through elevators located in the lobby. Unit sizes range from 900 sq.ft. flats to 1,800 sq.ft. townhomes, with a majority of the units being two-bedrooms of about 1,150 sq.ft. In order to achieve the desired industrial aesthetic, the building is composed of a poured-in-place concrete base, stucco mid-section and corrugated metal for the upper portions, as well as the roof. The main lobby is conceived as an ultra-modern space with three-form luminated panels and a Mondrian-inspired entrance screen. The interplay of the curved planter walls and rectilinear grid in the courtyard also reflects this modernist vocabulary.