Pioneer Junior High School New Gymnasium

Upland, CA

The new 11,500 sq. ft. gymnasium brings a long-awaited 21st century physical education space to the students and faculty at Pioneer Junior High. It houses a full-length basketball court and four practice courts. The retractable bleachers and a new sound system enable the space to be flexible for the many indoor sporting events, dances, or gatherings that the gym will host. The project includes space for seating (in folding chairs) of 1,000-1,200 students, as well as attached restrooms, utility, and limited storage areas

The site work enlarged the parking lot, added a double drop-off aisle for increased pedestrian safety, and added a new entrance to the administration office. The energy efficient building incorporates devices for lighting control, air conditioning, water flow, and solar control. The gym’s exterior has a durable plaster finish accented Pioneer JHS school colors blue and gold.