Promenade at Rio Vista

San Diego, CA

970 units | 13.8 acres

The Promenade at Rio Vista is a unique 13.8-acre walkable, mixed-use community that blends in with the surrounding light-rail transit and riverfront trails. The development consists of six individual four-story structures over a two-level subterranean garage that incorporate retail and commercial into the ground floor and surround a commons area. The commons serve as the heart of the community, providing a commercial destination for both residents and commuters. The space is animated by arcades fronting commercial activities, outdoor patios lining the sidewalk, and punctuated by a large fountain as a memory point. Based upon the architecture of Irving Gill, the flat and low-pitched roofs of The Promenade acknowledge the benign climate of the area and relate to an architectural tradition indicative of the region. Trellises, pergolas, courtyards, patios, and arched windows tie the interior spaces to a landscape set-off by simple, light-colored building forms. A network of private streets and pedestrian paths provide connections to destinations both within and outside the community.