South Pasadena High School Athletics Facilities Renovation

South Pasadena, CA

The renovation overhauled much of the existing athletics facilities to bring the high school’s athletics program into the 21st century. The main gym received new flooring, paint, retractable bleachers, and new basketball rims. The practice also received new flooring paint, and rims, and was outfitted with a large divider curtain which will be used when transforming the space for school functions such as dances.

The project also included a new weight room and locker rooms, which features more organized storage space, new hot and cold tubs for athletes, coaches offices, and a large meeting room that functions as a film room with two large TVs and theater seating. Outdoor facilities also received major upgrades including two outdoor basketball courts, four tennis courts, batting cages for the baseball team, new visitor side bleachers for the football stadium, and a new outdoor multipurpose space.