The Colony at Los Cabos

Los Cabos, CA

Mega Terra
2,450 units | 40 acres

This 70-acre hillside site features 31 buildings ranging from two-to-four stories with terraced levels of residential structures in configurations that respond to the topographic variations of the site. There are 11 different building types in the overall development, with each time-share unit being 1,240 sq. ft. in size. The complex entry is designed as a country road that leads through the outskirts of the village to the town center. The scale and materials of each building are based on the traditional Italian hill towns and villages. Simple plastered design forms with small punched openings in the end walls and with larger openings on the view walls are intermingled with balconies, roof overhangs and terraces to create an air of informality that is conducive to the casual lifestyle of a vacation resort.