The Ventana

Playa Vista, CA

The Finger Companies
405 units | 5.5 acres

This 5.5-acre apartment project is part of a pedestrian-oriented urban neighborhood. The Ventana is articulated around two distinctive product types and architectural styles, with large pools, spa and recreation areas, lounge, computer facility, fitness area, and reading room. The adjoining central park unifies the neighborhood and, together with the adjacent library, provides valuable community recreation and enrichment.

The 312-unit component is characterized by a formal Mediterranean design and forms the anchor to a broad landscaped promenade. The 93-unit building is characterized by open, loft-style architecture with a contemporary expression of materials. The interiors are open plans with ceiling heights up to 12 feet and exposed mechanical equipment. Large glazed areas provide bright interiors and expansive views of the nearby wetlands and parks.