Walnut Creek Transit Village

Walnut Creek, CA

BRE Properties and Transit Village Associates
599 units | 16 acres

The new Walnut Creek Transit Village will transform the existing surface parking lots into a viable transit-oriented development, reconnecting into the fabric of the City and creating an attractive gateway and transit center for commuters and residents. With high-quality design elements and a system of public plazas, the project will provide safe, comfortable, and accessible gathering areas for residents and visitors. Along with several engineering consultants, SVA is leading the team to create the multi-modal linkage of the local transit bus, vans, taxis, patron riders, and BART agencies. The character of this new development will complement downtown Walnut Creek and create a unique sense of place for the City, while taking advantage of existing views of Mt. Diablo. Implemented in three development phases, the mixed-use village will incorporate 22,000 sq. ft. of commercial/retail uses and 16,700 sq. ft. of flex space. The residential component includes 599 units of multi-modal and mixed-income apartments with a limited affordable element.