One San Pedro Bringing New Housing to the L.A. Waterfront

One step closer to NEW housing for the Port of Angeles!

The entitlement application was filed last week for One San Pedro, a redevelopment of the 1940s housing complex that will bring hundreds of additional housing units to the area. SVA is honored to be a part of the design team for The One San Pedro Collaborative, which is led by National CORE and Century Housing

We’re excited to be collaborating with TCA Architects and City Fabrick to reimagine this multi-phase development. The redevelopment of Rancho San Pedro represents potentially the largest development near the L.A. Waterfront and will bring new life and community resources to the neighborhood.

Construction of the One San Pedro plan remains on track to occur over a roughly 14- to 20-year period, commencing as early as 2024 and ending as early as 2037.

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