We CAN Achieve Anything as a Team

The SVA Architects CANstruction team is back, and our 2022 build is OUT OF THIS WORLD! In collaboration with Design West – and aided by donations from Born, KGM Architectural Lighting, Griffin Towers, Trader Joe’s, and EQ Office – we are pleased to bring to life our design, “U.F.O. (the Ultimate Food Offering).”

The purpose of CANstruction is to combine a non-perishable food drive with the fun of a design-build competition. Local architectural, engineering, planning, and design firms teamed up to construct designs made from non-perishable food materials that were later donated to help feed those in need. The Ultimate Food Offering build won the 2022 People’s Choice Award. SVA was also presented with the five-year consecutive participation award. We are grateful for the efforts of all those who donated their time, effort, and funds, taking part in the ultimate mission of CANstruction: to help feed the hungry.